How to solve the Student Debt Crisis: Everybody should drop out of college and begin real learning by watching my Educational GIFs.

Home is where a child learns, and public school is where a child goes to get indoctrinated. I tend to think of public schools as pre-prisons.

Why do people send their kids to get brainwashed for 12 years, and then allow them to go unto unshakeable debt for even more indoctrination?


We are living in The Golden Age of Information.

In this Age of Knowledge, everything is FREE—including censorship. You can learn anything you want, so long as it’s not The Truth.

When public schools exist to indoctrinate, fluoride is added to reduce IQ, and censorship is rampant, you discover that you are your own teacher.

When you discover that you are your own teacher, you realize you must learn how to learn—and that means finding sources of knowledge you can trust.

There are many amazing sources to learn from on YouTube, but the problem is if you are a newbie, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t know who you can trust or who is an expert.

For most subjects where politics or conspiracies are not a factor, where censorship doesn’t come into play, I find the best foundation is laid by the Dummies books.

Why buy a Dummies book when you can watch video tutorials on YouTube?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and therefore you don’t know where to start or what the basics are or if you even have covered all of the information you need to know as you gather data from scattered sources from a smattering of perspectives.

One unified source you can refer back to and that gives you a comprehensive foundation is what you need so you can then proceed to find gurus, because before you know anything, how do you know if they source you are watching knows anything?

No, first you must know something before you can then begin to learn everything.

That’s why I recommend starting your learning journey with a Dummies book, no matter what the subject matter.

It’s how I learned Photoshop’s basics:

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And it's how I'll learn the basics of woodworking:

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If I had $200,000 in unshakeable student loan debt from Law School, and couldn’t find a high-paying job in the legal profession, this is what I would do:

Congrats on graduating from Law School!

Maybe you passed the Bar Exam, and maybe you didn’t, but either way you’re finding out that finding a job in the legal profession is harder than a rock.

The sad part is I voted for that rock, and it turned out to look smarter than it actually was, and it didn’t do any of the things it promised on the campaign trail—particularly on the economic front.

These days it seems like whatever jobs aren’t outsourced to other countries for cheaper labor are being taken by robots who not only work longer and more efficiently, they happen to have more personality than many people in the hospitality industry—which is where I myself ended up after failing to find a job in my chosen career after college.

Maybe you have it better than I did.

Maybe you’re a bartender—like you were before Law School, and all throughout—and you are stressing over how to pay down your massive student loan debt when you barely make enough money to merely survive.

Maybe you have put your life on hold, not feeling like you are in a position to get married—or even go on a single date, since your financial situation is so dire.

You wonder if you made the right decision going into all that debt for a piece of paper that no longer functions as a key to a better life.

That’s for you to decide. I’m only here to offer a bit of hope, in the form of an idea, a possible path for you to take, one that I’m in no way telling you to take, because I am not a financial advisor, but this is just some brain steak for you to chew on.

This is my thinking as far as debt and economic opportunities.

I’ll use myself as an example.

I have a large amount of debt, and the job opportunities for what I got my degree in are limited—and that’s an understatement.

So, what action am I taking to rectify my bleak situation?

Well, I know our economic system is built on fiat currency in a frautulent financial structure that can be collapsed at any moment by the elites.

So I know any dollar I earn is not a store of value, and I must get rid of it as fast as I can and try to convert it into an investment with leverage that will act as a seesaw, so that when the dollar crashes, whatever I traded my dollars for will rise as a result.

Enter cryptocurrencies.

I believe we are moving into a world ruled by blockchain technology, of which cryptocurreincies are built on top of.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Some offer function, and some are more like decoration—looking pretty but doing no work. Reminds me of a woman I used to date.

What you have to consider is this: Does the coin or token you want to buy have utility, a real application, or is it icing with no cake?

Some of these cryptocurrencies will rise drastically and dramatically. Clif High, for example, predicts that Litecoin will be worth 1/4th that of Bitcoin, and others predict Bitcoin will go to one million dollars per coin. Butcoin can be bought for under $6,000 dollars today, and Litecoin can be purchased for under $60 dollars this instant, if that gives you an indicator of the kind of profit that can be reaped from trading your worthless fiat currency for cryptocurrency.

Now, will all cryptocurrencies yield succulent fruit? Most assuredly not.

That’s why you must get educated on the subject before investing even one precious dollar that you barely have into any coin or token, and all financial strategies should be taken with a grain of assault—because some financial advisors are out to make you bleed, so they can then also sell you a Band-Aid.

But I am not a financial advisor, and this is not advice. This is just observations about the state of decay our society is in, and recognizing that the petrodollar is dying, and a new medium of exchange is rising up.

So, will you be in a position to profit from it?

But before you buy money, you must pay for your own financial education.

Buy a book. Buy a library. Knowledge is a better investment than gold—even digital gold, like Bitcoin.

Here’s a good place to start:

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9/10 dentists recommend my toothpaste. Now available in a Brand New Flavor: Extra Squishy Pink Slime! (Tastes just like a McDonald’s hamburger.)

You never learn more about customer service than you do when you’re in the trenches of a Great War.

There I was, in WWI, being attacked on all sides by the Vietnamese jungle, when I found myself out of Adult Diapers.

With my Portable Vending Machine out of commission, due to its wheelbarrow’s tire having been shot off by IRS agents, I was in desperate need of assistance.

That’s when I saw him. He floated down from the clouds like a bronzed statue of Beyonce, wearing golden roller skates and a nametag that said, “Kevin.”

I noticed Kevin was carrying a scroll, and without reading it I knew its contents. This was The Lost Secrets of Customer Service, rumored to have burnt up with the Library of Alexandria.

That’s when a #TruthBomb exploded next to me, leaving me disoriented and discombobulated.

As if by osmosis, I was absorbing all The Archaic Wisdom of The Sages Throughout The Ages.

I felt empowered, as if I could hop directly from being a fry cook at McDonald’s all the way up to cashier, maybe even surpassing the friendliness and performance of The Kiosks, who make great friends, but poor co-workers, both because they stole all the glory that should have been mine and because they don’t get paid for the work that they do.

No longer would Dennis, my 16-year-old boss, treat me like I was some sort of needy infant, always demanding money in exchange for labor. Now Dennis would see my True Value, and would reward me accordingly. Soon I’d be richer than Solomon, and wiser too, armed with the knowledge obtained in this book.

I’m rating this book five stars, because Amazon caps the limit. But if I could, I’d rate it like Abraham’s seed, as it deserves to accumulate all the stars of heaven. This is a book for all generations, and the best time to buy it is yesterday. But you can’t, so I suppose RIGHT NOW is the silver medalist of perfect times to buy.