One of my goals is to open a #coffee shop,


and it’s a good thing nobody in #HarrisonArkansas has any clue about #branding or #marketing like they do up in #Branson, because this would offer some serious competition. It’s good though, and I encourage it. #Harrison can keep napping, because the less branding and marketing the local businesses do, the more of the customers I’ll snatch away with #InfluencerMarketing, #Meme Marketing, and the production of #DankMemes. What these local comatose businesses don’t realize is that today, every business is a brand and media company, and a business’ Instagram feed should be entertaining, and not an endless scroll of trite shit FOR SALE. Because nobody gives a rat’s ass. They want to be informed and entertained, and not be told to buy random trinkets in their FREE time.