Cryptozoology meets conspiracy theory in a secret 1913 meeting

When I first bought The Creature from Jekyll Island, I thought it was going to be a cynical book that would attempt to debunk the “myth” of Bigfoot.

But it isn’t about that at all!

This is a true account detailing how the sasquatch of our society, the Federal Reserve, has taken us from being a nation of men to a nation of apes. No, worse, since at least apes are free.

Whoever holds our debt holds the chains that shackle us into slavery. If only Abe Lincoln were around today, I’ll bet the first thing he’d say is, “Wow! I’m 202 years old!”

And then he’d probably say, “America has become a nation of animals, confined to invisible cages of debt. America sold her soul to the devil, and then pawned her body off too.”

And I for one would agree with that. Well, almost. I don’t think I could pick up a hooker at a pawnshop. But just to be sure, I’m going to save up some money and find out for myself.