I admire the courage of the QAnon crowd, who bravely sit on their sofas watching FOX News, smug in their comfortable belief that mythical heroes in white hats are SAVING us by assisting The Globalists in destroying our FREEDOM. That’s a BOLD strategy on the part of the red hats.


The Fourth Turning is the book of the century

After reading the Fourth Turning, I’ve come to realize that I am my own great grandpa.

Being born in 1982 makes me part of the “Hero Generation.” We’re supposed to save the world every fourth generation. And by we I mean other people my age.

Father Time is into numerology. The number he is obsessed with is four. This represents Orafoura. He is the Fourth Turning. He keeps reappearing throughout history. This is haunting.

Ghost, spirit, soul, Orafoura. Four names, four directions to the same thing.

Orafoura lies in bed on his stomach, with his left leg crossed over his right leg at the knee to form a “4.” He does this to get back to nature, and get back to sleep.

Orafoura set his alarm clock to go off when the defiant shouts of the heroes pushing against the establishment turns to the grunts of exertion that are released as they pull the economy up and up to greater and greater heights than even those seen before December 2007.