Sure, Bill Gates is one of the publicized richest men in the world, and he can afford to purchase SwimmingBird Pie, but I think you’ll agree that sometimes FREE just tastes better. Look how happy he is that I shared my world-famous pie with him. He can’t believe I’m so generous.


#ThisIsTheBestCookingBookInTheWorldAndItDeservesItsOwnAbsurdlyLo ngHashtagAndReviewTitle

Jo Dance has the perfect last name, because she has the most graceful way of moving into my heart—through her use of cooking alchemy.

For a man who loves eating as much as me, I was surprised to discover meals require preparation, and they don’t just magically appear.

Full of pictures to salivate over and savory recipes that range from 10-20 on a 1-10 deliciousness scale, this book is for anyone who needs food to live.

What’s not to love about lime cheesecake, cheesy hearts, and smoky paprika thins? The answer, of course, is nothing. There’s nothing to not love—and everything to love about this book.

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