Clowns are to be taken more seriously than mainstream news. But clowns are not to be taken. Put them back or pay for them—or ask the person you took them from to pay for them in a large quantity of small, unmarked bills stacked in a briefcase and left in a prearranged location.


How to solve the Student Debt Crisis: Everybody should drop out of college and begin real learning by watching my Educational GIFs.

Home is where a child learns, and public school is where a child goes to get indoctrinated. I tend to think of public schools as pre-prisons.

Why do people send their kids to get brainwashed for 12 years, and then allow them to go unto unshakeable debt for even more indoctrination?


We are living in The Golden Age of Information.

In this Age of Knowledge, everything is FREE—including censorship. You can learn anything you want, so long as it’s not The Truth.

When public schools exist to indoctrinate, fluoride is added to reduce IQ, and censorship is rampant, you discover that you are your own teacher.

When you discover that you are your own teacher, you realize you must learn how to learn—and that means finding sources of knowledge you can trust.

There are many amazing sources to learn from on YouTube, but the problem is if you are a newbie, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t know who you can trust or who is an expert.

For most subjects where politics or conspiracies are not a factor, where censorship doesn’t come into play, I find the best foundation is laid by the Dummies books.

Why buy a Dummies book when you can watch video tutorials on YouTube?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and therefore you don’t know where to start or what the basics are or if you even have covered all of the information you need to know as you gather data from scattered sources from a smattering of perspectives.

One unified source you can refer back to and that gives you a comprehensive foundation is what you need so you can then proceed to find gurus, because before you know anything, how do you know if they source you are watching knows anything?

No, first you must know something before you can then begin to learn everything.

That’s why I recommend starting your learning journey with a Dummies book, no matter what the subject matter.

It’s how I learned Photoshop’s basics:

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And it's how I'll learn the basics of woodworking:

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