A rising tide of floodwater in the basement lifts all bills

Well, the good news is I know for sure I am not God, but the bad news is I have a water leak that has flooded my basement, and I need to call an emergency plumber.

Sure, my basement now looks like something out of Genesis that Noah would surely recognize, but I am not an emergency plumber.

Heck, I’m not even a handyman, so I don’t know whether my pipes need a good drain cleaning, or whether my decision to not hire an emergency plumber, or a plumber with any sort of experience at all, to install copper pipes and instead me buying PVC pipes from Lowes and watching one YouTube video one time before installing them was the worst idea ever.

I’ll bet emergency plumbers make a fortune off of guys like me, guys with water leaks who are forced to pay whatever it costs to stop the damage from rising.

It’s after ten at night, so I hope there is 24 hour plumbing or some kind of plumbing repair service that deals with idiots like me at all hours.

I’ll bet 24 hour plumbing companies make much more money, because if a customer is calling in the middle of the night, then it’s an emergency, and that means that customer is willing to pay whatever price the plumbing repair service is wanting to charge.

Makes me want to start up a plumbing repair service, or even an excevating services business that caters to do-it-all know-nothings like me.

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