This IS the title of my review!

In the footsteps of Vonnegut (but with slightly larger footprints, I’m sure), this book is fresh, inspiring, and funny. “Leaving the Neighborhood” is a glimpse into the past–a past that may or may not have happened, depending on who you ask and how much money you had to pay them.

The thing is, I haven’t had this much fun with a book since I accidentally singed my eyebrows last March as I tried to burn a large stack of books, comprised entirely of copies of “The Last Templar,” while cursing the Baphomet, Jacques DeMolay, and Renaldo, who had just eaten the last of my marshmallow cream. (Note to consumer: Marshmallow cream makes for a tasty, yet ultimately ineffective, war paint).

Reading this book is like being a man with cataracts who’s strapped to the back of a sprinting cheetah–it’ll have you seeing spots it’s so fast-paced and exciting. (Note to consumer: Always exercise caution when attempting to ride a cheetah. Don’t chase the cheetah; instead, cover yourself in marshmallow cream and let the cheetah come to you).

And if I had to rate this book, I’d give it five thumbs up. (Three of those thumbs would be provided by guys who owe me money, assuming they still refused to pay). This is an excellent book, with a rather unique perspective on life, and it’s highly worth your while to check it out.

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