Just Brilliant

I was honored by Mr. Volino to be given an advanced preview of his book, and to share my thoughts with him.

At the time I wrote, “I loved the satire and tone. Like Vonnegut meets John Kennedy Toole.” I know because my words are quoted on the back cover.

That is such a good feeling I had to try to share it with every person I know, and even many random people I don’t know.

But having read the book again, I’d like to revisit that sentiment a bit. While I am a big fan of both Vonnegut and Toole, I do believe Mr. Volino to be a superior writer, because he not only possesses a keen wit and sharp sense of humor, but he is keyed in on the ignition known as the economy. If that doesn’t start, everything else stops.

Like all masterful humor, this book lampoons truth and illuminates the mind in a way that a sincere geopolitical book never could.

Yes, Vonnegut and Toole both did shine a spotlight into societal issues, but nothing even approaching the profundity of Mr. Volino.

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