I used to lift weights with Atlas

Bathed in cynicism and despair, the people in tough economic times such as these might rhetorically ask, “Who is John Galt?” Well, little do these people know how little they know. For they know not who John Galt is, but I do. John Galt is The Mythical Mr. Boo, who is also known as Atlas. And The Mythical Mr. Boo never shrugs, because The Mythical Mr. Boo was born without shoulders.

So while he won’t shoulder all the hardships, he can surely stomach the cramps of society (he is half cow on his mother’s side and possesses two stomachs). So, If our current economic situation is enough to make you want to throw up, just be glad that you don’t eat your own vomit, like The Mythical Mr. Boo does.

Anyway, “Atlas Shrugged” was intellectually delicious, and I’d recommend consuming it before I’d advise you to eat a whole pasture of grass. But I will say that if you can’t afford to eat beef, you might seriously consider eating grass. It’s like my grandpa always used to say, “If you can’t eat the cow, you might as well eat what the cow eats.”

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