Interviewed by Clara

I’m not sure that you realise that you just made me exceptionally happy by answering in estimated 10 minutes.


Yes, PLEASE make them answers silly, I definitely approve of that! It’ll show why you are my idol in writing in the first place, aye?

So, I’ll just start off with the necessary questions and you can take your time answering, I just need them by Monday or something 🙂


You’re an independent author, right?


I wouldn’t say I’m an independent author. I’m quite dependent on readers. I’m such a needy writer.


Have you always wanted to become an author? What other Dream Jobs did you have?


My Dream Job is to work in a zipper factory. There’s nothing more enjoyable than making wearable eating utensils.


What was you “path” to becoming an author? Any university classes or such? Any master degrees or doctor titles? (I edited that question a bit as it sounded pathetic in the first place)


I have several degrees, and just as soon as my printer gets warmed up I’ll have a doctorate or two. Is there anything more profitable than Photoshop and fraud?


How long does it about take you to write one book on average?


On average it takes me as long to write a book as it does for me to take a shower. I may waste water, but I never waste words.


How many hours per week on average, do you think you actually write?


Per month, I spend as many hours writing as there are minutes in an hour.



Do you have another job than just writing?


Yes, I am the Director of Communications at The Chamber & Economic Partnership. Well, I will be, once Monday morning arrives.


How much time do you have/use for socialising and hobbies?


I am a social outcast, shunned by society. Nobody ever invites me to parties. My own birthday avoids me, and only comes around every two years.


Where would you recommend to travel to for writing and is it better to travel or to settle?


To be a great writer, you must be nomadic. I’d recommend the hunter/gatherer lifestyle for anybody serious about being nonsensical.


 Jaysus Paynus, I hope those are not too boring. I’d send another pack of more interesting questions soon then, if you’re alright with that? I hope you are. And thank you already for answering these, SUCH a help! (and honour ;))

Sincerely, Clara.

14 thoughts on “Interviewed by Clara

  1. Wow…just wow Jarod, how can I be like you?….Keep it up Mister, you just got yourself a lifelong fan


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