My couch is cof…

My couch is coffee-colored. I can thank Starbucks and clumsiness for that.
-Jarod Kintz

5 thoughts on “My couch is cof…

      1. Do you scribble them in multicolored chalk on a board hung above your divan making the fine print readable for all trepidatious Caveat Emptors???


      2. Is your favorite Starbucks a Venti sugar free French vanilla/hazelnut Misto with tons of extra non fat whip?
        Do non FDA regulated amounts of caffeine coursing through your veins afford you the opportunity to take creative liberties such as adjectifying nouns like adjective and trepidation – or morphing archaic Latin adages into convoluted nouns?
        Are any of your replies ever not preceded by ubiquitous Ha ha’s?
        Am I asking too many questions?
        Can you answer any of them in hazelnut, topped with tons of extra whip – minus the french vanilla oui’s ou non’s?
        Ok…my Venti is done.


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