Life, it’s made up of two things—time and love. A watch tells one, but what tells the other? We tell each other.

Just when you think you’ve considered all the angles, life goes from a square to a cube. Love should also be 3D.

I can calculate eternity between the blue and the green. Our love is forever turquoise.

The sides of buildings should be like the tops of lakes. I’d fish through your window hoping to catch a smile.

Most scars are invisible. Damn transparent knives. Does anything cut deeper than love? I need to get some new body armor.

I love you because I love you, and if you don’t like it you can use my circular logic as a noose and hang yourself.

Of all sports, wrestling is the most like cuddling. I’m all sweaty because I’m training hard to show her how much I love her.

I’m running from the very person I’m chasing, and this is how I know I’m in love.

I had a dream about you. You were storing my brain in a pickle jar in the fridge, and I only discovered it when I went to garnish my hamburger. Mindless and hungry, I was a US politician’s ideal voter.

I had a dream about you. You introduced me to a clock, and I’m right handed, so I didn’t know which clock hand to shake, the hour or the minute. So I chose instead to go in for a hug. Big mistake. Time does not like to be embraced by a mere mortal.


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